For Steamed Fonio (Rice or couscous substitute)

Bring one and a quarter cup of water to boil in a sauce pan. Add 6 tablespoons of fonio and stir. Lower heat to minimum, add a dash of salt to taste and cover the sauce pan. Turn off heat and let steam for about 10 minutes. Take cover off and fluff fonio with a fork. Taste to see if it is cooked to your liking. If not, add a little more water and let steam for another 2 minutes.  

Serve steamed fonio with any sauce of your choice: vegetable stew, meat stew or seafood sauce.

Options on YouTube are: Cooking for Health with Timah: Alkaline Cuisine: Fonio couscous side dish; Hit Foods – Fonio Jollof and Harry Sacko – How to cook fonio-la cuisson du fonio.

For Porridge

Bring to boil one and half cups of water. Add 4 tablespoons of fonio while stirring. Stir occasionally for 10mins. If it is too thick, add more water to thin porridge. If you like cinnamon, add a quarter teaspoon and stir. When ready, serve in a bowl.  Add sugar or honey or maple syrup to sweeten. Add milk if you wish. Add banana, strawberries other fruits of choice. Now you have a meal that will provide you with energy and nourish your mind and body.

For Salad

You can make a fonio salad by following the following YouTube video: Fonio Summer Salad on

 For Smoothie

 Add two tablespoons of Fonio porridge or steamed fonio to any smoothie you are making. Ex. One banana cut into pieces, a handful of blue berries or strawberries and 2 tablespoons of steamed fonio and half a cup of either milk or almond milk will make an excellent smoothie.