Where to find products

You can find our products at the following locations:

In Ottawa, Ontario

Rainbow Foods, 1487 Richmond Road, Ottawa, 613-726-9200 (Hot Sauce and fonio)

Produce Depot, 1855 Carling Avenue, Ottawa 613-722-6106 (Hot Sauce and Fonio)

Herb and Spice, Wellington Road, Ottawa(Hot Sauce)

Herb and Spice, Bank Street, Ottawa (Fonio and hot sauce)

M&J Tropical Supermarket, 1383 Clyde Avenue, Ottawa, 613-224-3204(Hot Sauce and Fonio)

All Africa Market, 6- 411 McArthur Road, Ottawa -613-244-0325(Hot Sauce and Fonio)

African Queen, 2430 Bank Street, Ottawa, 613-736-5369(Hot Sauce and Fonio)

Savanna Afro-Caribbean Products, 1838 Bank Street, Ottawa 613-731-7878(Hot Sauce and Fonio)

L&F Montego Place Inc, 2211 St Joseph Blvd, Orleans, ON K1C 7C5 613-830-8377(Hot Sauce and Fonio)

Cadman Montreal Bagels, 2177 Carling Avenue, Ottawa 613-722-4357 (Hot Sauce)

All Seasons Indian Catering, 2285 C-11 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 4Z2 1-613-738-7786 (Hot Sauce)

Marche Tropical Soko Market, 479 Boulevard Alexandre Tache, Gatineau, Quebec 1-819-773-8003 (fonio and hot sauce)

Montreal Quebec

Basmex Inc, 9400 Rue de la Tour, Montreal West 514-485-3774(Hot Sauce)

Toronto, Ontario

Noah's Natural Foods, 430 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1K3 1-416-260-8900 (Hot Sauce and Fonio)